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10 Steps for Planning an At-Home Spa Day

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A relaxing day at the spa is the perfect antidote for easing stress and chasing the blues away. Unfortunately, paying for a luxurious spa day may not be an option. That’s where the magic of an at-home spa day comes in. Sometimes it’s even better because you get to relax in the comfort of your own home with spa accessories. Here’s our favorite ways to prep for an at-home spa day!

Start planning and prepping 5 days before your spa day to make it a week long journey towards your reward:

  1. Make it happen – Choose your spa day and treat it like an appointment. Tell everyone you’re busy because it’s spa day!
  2. Plan – Take an evening to choose your activities for the day: hair treatment, face mask, bath, body scrub or a mani/pedi – the options are endless! Pick your favorites and make a schedule, then print it on pretty paper.
  3. Prep – Make a list of everything you’ll need for your spa day. Products, accessories, music, etc. Start gathering them throughout the week to get yourself excited about your day of luxury.
  4. Make it special – Buy yourself one special treat for your spa day. We love a soft, new robe or a new shade of nail polish for a mani/pedi. Keep it special by setting it aside until your spa day.
  5. Clean – I know it sounds awful but spend the week before your spa day cleaning. Be sure to scrub your tub if you’re planning a spa bath. All that hard work will feel like a treat on spa day.
  6. Get centered – Spend some time each day meditating or doing yoga leading up to your spa day. It’ll help ground and center you for your day of relaxation.
  7. Hydrate and nourish – consider making some spa water (cucumber and mint) and smoothies to sip on during your spa day. Make a list of light snacks to munch on during your treatments.
  8. Calm – Put together a soothing playlist and get some scented candles to create your relaxing spa-day atmosphere.
  9. Pre-Spa Day Prep – Spend the evening before your spa day prepping your beverages, food and treatments.
  10. Take it easy – Sleep in and start your spa day slow and easy with a light breakfast and walk in the sunshine.

You’ve been working hard all week prepping for your day – enjoy it! Browse through our online store if you need spa accessories to help you pull off this very relaxing day! We’ll definitely have some essentials for your at-home spa day.

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