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Why Satin Pillowcases are Good for Hair and Skin Protection

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We all have our own beauty rituals, some are simple with just a swipe of lotion and others are a bit more complex. While we love a good beauty routine, sometimes there just isn’t enough time. That’s where satin pillowcases can help. The soft fibers are great for luxuriating in but they also have some hidden benefits for your hair and skin.

If you’ve ever run your hand along satin fabric then you probably noticed that it feels almost slippery. That’s because satin is a tightly woven fabric, with all of the threads so close together you end up with such a smooth surface it feels slick to the touch. The fibers and the tight weave make satin a better option than cotton for both your hair and skin.

With satin, your hair slides across the finely woven silk fibers and doesn’t “catch” in the miniscule spaces between threads. This protects your hair from breakage. Satin is also a friendly fabric when it comes to the natural oils in your hair. A cotton pillowcase will wick away your hair’s protective oils. This can affect the moisture level, and ultimately, the health and shine of your hair.

A satin pillowcase is a great option for people with curly hair because it tends to be dryer and more susceptible to breakage. The same goes for those who do a lot of styling and coloring. These processes make the hair fragile and more likely to break as you’re moving in your sleep.

Say goodbye to A.M. face wrinkles! Satin fabric lets your face glide over the fabric and doesn’t tend to wrinkle beneath it like cotton. In the same way that cotton wicks the natural oils away from your hair, it also robs your skin of them. Getting rid of oil on your face with cotton might sound tempting for those with oily skin, but it can actually do more harm than good. Your oil glands will go into overdrive and produce EVEN MORE oil.

Now don’t go ditching your high-thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets just yet. Keep your soft, comfy sheets but swap out your pillowcases to get the benefits of a satin pillowcase. When shopping for a satin pillowcase, open the package (when possible) and feel the fabric. As with most fabrics, there are different levels of quality. The fabric should feel cool and slightly slippery when you run your hand over it, which is soft and perfect for your skin. Give a satin pillowcase a try! Your skin will be thanking you!

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