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Six Ways to Relax After a Stressful Day

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During a stressful day, the thought of getting home and relaxing can be a great comfort. Unfortunately, when we get home there are things to be done and relaxing may never take place. The idea of being able to just unplug and do something mindless seems like the perfect fix to a day where your senses and mind were bombarded. However, this approach doesn’t help your body process the stress – it only allows for a momentary escape from it. So, we’ve compiled our list of six ways to relax after a stressful day that can help your body and mind process the stress and truly relax…then go relax and watch TV!

  1. Change your clothes.

Choose an outfit that is comfortable and you feel good in. As you select your outfit, take deep breaths and envision how comfortable and relaxed you’ll be when you’re wearing it.

  1. Stretch your muscles.

Stress can cause muscles to tighten and bind, so stretching is a great way to release your muscles. Move your arms over your head, lean side-to-side, and then reach toward your toes. Hold each move for a count of 10 as you feel the stress leave your body.

  1. Shhhh

After a stressful day, our senses need a break. Sometimes, silence is the answer to wind down, and just 5-10 minutes will make a difference. We find that, in silence, the mind can’t seem to turn off or it feels uncomfortable and…stressful. The key is to work through that discomfort and breathe deeply. With each “out” breath, intentionally feel your body releasing.

  1. Write it down.

If the stress of the day keeps playing through your mind, you can help release it by writing about it. Just thinking about an event allows our minds to go on tangents and get lost in a whirlwind of thoughts. The physical act of writing makes your thoughts slow down (because you can only write so fast) and you get the thoughts out of there for good.

  1. Take a walk.

Walking outside on a sunny day will get you some much needed Vitamin D, which can be a necessary mood booster. The physical activity of walking can help loosen your muscles and help work the stress out of your body.

  1. Rinse the day away.

Taking a hot shower loosens your entire body and lets the stress move right on through – like a mini-spa hour using a Lulu exfoliating glove or exfoliating facial brush. Then, end your steamy shower with a quick burst of cool water to invigorate your entire body!

So, if you’re looking for a way to wind down, try one of these 6 things, and let us know what works for you in the comments!

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