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Six Essential Spring Beauty Tricks

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Spring is in the air! Sundresses, pastels, and fresh floral prints are right around the corner. Just in time for warmer weather, we’ve compiled our list of six essential spring beauty tricks to get your season started off right and add some Springtime color to your life.

  1. Makeup Drawers Need Spring-Cleaning Too. Makeup can go bad, so even though you’re still crushing on that peach lip gloss from last year, it may be time to toss it. Lipstick, powder blush, and eye shadow last about two years. Foundation and lip gloss are only good for about a year and mascara only lasts about 2-3 months. Now is also a good time to replace make-up brushes, exfoliating brushes, croco clips and hairbrushes. All of these things can start to build-up old skin cells, bacteria and hair product…even if you wash them.
  1. Brighten Lips for a Fresh Pop of Spring Color. If you’ve selected a great new lipstick shade for spring, be sure it really pops. Apply a thin layer of foundation on your lips to provide a more neutral base for your new shade of lipstick. This quick tip will make your new color look brighter and bolder on your lips.
  1. Quick, Casual Hair for Springtime Outings. If you’re heading out to a picnic or other fun, Springtime outing tomorrow, plan ahead tonight. Braid your damp hair into four thick, semi-loose braids. Spritz with some hairspray and tomorrow when you take the braids out, you’ll have casual, beachy waves.
  1. Swap Your Moisturizer for a Serum. Your facial moisturizer should change with the seasons. If you’ve been using a heavy cream to combat dry winter skin, it’s time to swap for a lighter version. During the warmer months, skin tends to get oilier easier, so a light moisturizer is all you need. Serums are perfect for this time of year, find your favorite and don’t forget to follow it with sunscreen.
  1. Avoid Self-Tanning Mishaps. Warm weather brings out the shorts and t-shirts…and the exposure of your sun deprived winter skin! A self-tanner is a great way to start easing into a little springtime color without damaging your skin by tanning. Before applying any tanning cream or lotion, apply a thin layer of non-tanning moisturizer to your toes, ankles, knees, elbows, and hands. The skin in these areas is very thick and will darken quicker than the rest of your skin – the lotion layer prevents this.
  1. Master the Dewy Glow. Massage a small amount of lip balm (not lip gloss) onto your cheekbones and eyelids to give the illusion of a dewy glow. You’ll look kissed by the fresh spring weather, not sweaty and drenched in the heat of it.

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