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Five Spa Essentials You Need At Home

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At-home spa days are the best. You get to luxuriate in your own home with your used-only-by-you spa accessories. Planning an at-home spa day is easy when you have the right tools so we’ve put together our top five spa essentials you need at home. Let’s get pampered!

  1. A Cozy Terry Robe or Wrap

Every spa day should be completely comfortable and relaxing which means your clothes should be too. We prefer to forgo even our comfiest of sweats and wrap up in a soft terry cloth bath robe or wrap. It’s perfect for before your bath or while you’re letting moisturizing body treatments soak in.

  1. A Pair of Spa Gloves

A great pair of spa gloves makes exfoliating before moisturizing treatments a breeze and they’re so gentle you can’t help but feel relaxed. They’re also perfect for massages and applying body scrubs. If you’re applying a moisturizing hand treatment, pop the gloves on while you let the oils do their magic. Afterwards your hands will feel soft and smooth!

  1. Body/Hair Oils and Essential Oils

A few great body and hair oils are perfect for any spa day. Keep it simple with just some olive oil and coconut oil. You can use both of these straight from the bottle on your entire body and your hair. It’s also great to have a few essential oils on hand for setting the mood with scent. Citrus essential oils like orange or lemon balm make for an invigorating spa experience.

  1. A Terry Cloth Turban or Shower Cap

Not only are turbans and shower caps great for keeping your hair dry in the tub, they’re also great for doing hair masks and treatments. Start your spa day by applying some warmed oil to your hair, then wrap it under a terry cloth turban or shower cap while you enjoy the rest of your spa day. The turban or shower cap will keep the hair warm and open so the oil can be easily absorbed.

  1. Cucumbers

It may sound kind of funny to keep cucumbers around for your spa day but they are great for recreating the spa experience at home. Drop a few slices into some water the night before your spa day and the next morning you’ll have fresh spa water to sip on throughout the day. When you’re ready to relax, place a cold, thin cucumber slice over each eye for a quick eye treatment that fights puffiness.

If you’re looking to add to your spa essentials collection, check out our selection of spa accessories, such as a terry cloth bath robe and colorful shower caps. Lulu is here to cater to the needs of the modern woman.

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