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DIY: Tips for At-Home Hair Coloring

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Looking to switch up your hair color completely? Or maybe just give your current color a boost? Don’t be afraid to do it yourself. With just a few accessories, an at-home hair color session can be fun and easy. With such a huge selection of hair color kits nowadays, the possibilities are nearly endless. So, next time you’re ready for a new color, save yourself the big bucks with our DIY tips for at-home hair coloring.

Over Estimate How Much Color You Need.

The box will have a recommendation on how much color you will need for your hair length…always buy one more. You never want to be in the middle of coloring your hair and run out of color. If you don’t use the extra box, just store it for touch-ups or return it to the store. Trust us, you may be glad that you have it.

Beyond the Box: Supplies You’ll Need.

Boxed hair color will include the color, the developer, an application bottle, and a pair of gloves. Beyond these you’ll want to invest in a few extras to ensure a successful at-home hair color experience. You can buy these individually but they’re often available in kits, such as ours, as well.

  • Cape – any plastic cape will work as long as it covers your clothes. If you can’t find one, an old t-shirt will also do the trick.
  • Clips – coloring works best when it’s done in sections. You’ll want to make sure you have some hair clips to keep your hair out of the way while you work on each section.
  • Processing Cap – you’ll want to wear a shower cap (reusable or disposable) while your color is setting. The cap keeps your hair wet and warm so the color absorbs better.
  • Hair Color Remover Wipes – mistakes happen and you’ll want a way to wipe them off. Hair color remover wipes are great for cleaning up the top of your forehead, neck, and the tops of your ears.

Baking Soda Cleans up Color Mishaps.

From time to time you may accidentally drip some color on your counter top or floor while applying it. Cleaning it up right away isn’t always an option but what you can do is keep a small amount of baking soda paste (just mix water and baking soda until it forms a dry-ish paste) nearby. Drop a dollop onto the stain until you can come back and scrub it up.

Rinse in Cool Water to Lock Color In.

Now that you’ve applied this fabulous new color, you’ll want to lock it in for as long as possible. Always wash and rinse your hair in cool water to keep the hair shaft closed and the color locked in.

If you’re ready to try at-home hair coloring, start with the Lulu Hair Color Kit to get all the supplies you need. Be sure to browse our blog for even more tips from your beauty experts.

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