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How to Choose and Use Mascara

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Even on days when we go barefaced (or mostly barefaced), we still like to swipe on a bit of mascara. It’s such a subtle way to open your eyes and wakeup your whole face. For such a straightforward tool, mascara is surprisingly complex and all that talk of plumping, boldness, and volume can actually be helpful to understand when choosing mascara for your lashes. To help you out, our beauty experts have put together a quick explanation on how to choose and use mascara. So grab your terry turban so that your hair is pulled back from your face, as you learn how to choose and use mascara.

There are three basic types of mascara: lengthening, thickening, and curling. The formulations will vary slightly, and each mascara type will have a different brush style to help you apply it to the lash in the most flattering way.

Lengthening mascara

The most popular of the styles, lengthening mascara helps you achieve that faux lash look without all the fuss of trying to glue thin strips of lashes to your fluttering eyelids. Most lengthening mascaras are formulated with fibers that adhere to the ends of your own lashes, providing the extra length. The formula is mixed with layering in mind, so you can often apply a few coats to build the length without getting clumping. Apply a full coat to your lashes from root to tip, then apply additional coats just on the ends, allowing a few seconds between coats for the mascara to set.

Thickening mascara

Give your lashes some volume with thickening mascara. The formulation is usually thicker and contains wax or silicone polymers. You can apply multiple coats to build the volume effect, but you’ll want to wipe the brush in between to remove excess mascara that could cause clumping. If you’re shooting for a wide eye, apply the mascara to the center of your lashes. For a cat eye look, apply liberally to the outer corners of your lashes.

Curling mascara

With curling mascara, your lashes will have a subtle curve that holds throughout the day. These mascaras are usually formulated with a polymer or resin that shrinks a little as it dries, and when it does this, the lash curls. Apply the mascara to the root of your lash, and sweep up and over the entire length of the lash to get the full effect.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you may want to combine a lengthening and thickening mascara. Work in thin coats to avoid clumping, and apply the lengthening mascara first, then follow it with the thickening formula for the ultimate lashes!

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