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Top 7 Makeup Trends for Summer 2015

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Spring has officially sprung, and now we’re moving towards a new season: summer! As everyone eases into the more casual clothing styles that summer brings, hair and makeup looks are changing too. Be sure to prep your face using Lulu’s Exfoliating Facial Brush, and then try our list of the Top 7 Makeup Trends for Summer 2015!

#7 – Purple Eye Shadow: This season’s color for eye makeup is purple. It’s trending in every shade with lilac, lavender, and grape tones at the forefront. There’s a shade of purple that compliments every hair color and skin tone, so this is a trend that everyone can rock!

#6 – A Dewy Glow: For years we’ve all been trying to achieve the perfect matte complexion, but no more! This year, summer is all about looking fresh faced with just a touch of a dewy glow. For those without a natural shine, a very thin layer of petroleum jelly swiped at the height of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, and brushed against your chin will give you the look.

#5 – Light Brows: This past winter brought us bold brows, and the look was on trend until this season. Now, brows are being downplayed and left in their natural state. Some people are even lightening their brows to make them less prominent. This new look definitely complements our #4 trend nicely.

#4 – Bold Eyes: This summer is all about being brave and bold with your eye makeup. Get out your colored eye shadow, funky colored eyeliner and get creative! No more sticking to your lash line, wing that cat eye far beyond the edge of your eye and just keep going. This season is all about statement eyes, so get creative.

#3 – Red Lips: Doesn’t matter if you go dark, go gloss, or go matte…but go red! Every shade of red is back in style for lips this season. Remember to choose between a red-lip or a bold eye look (trend #4) so the area you’re focusing on really pops.

#2 – Gilded Glow: It’s summer, and our favorite perennial look is back: a bronzed glow. Skip damaging suntans and opt for a bottled or powdered bronze instead. Swipe it along your cheekbones, the crown of your head, the top of your nose, and your chin for a sun-kissed glow.

#1 – Barely There: This summer’s biggest makeup trend…skip the makeup! While we’re all faced with the need for an occasional dab and dot of concealer, that’s where the makeup ends this season. Your natural, even slightly flawed beauty, is all the rage this summer. Pair the natural look with your natural confidence and nothing will stop you!

For more style trends and tips, check out the Lulu Beauty blog. And to pull off a relaxing spa day at home, be sure to check out our online store for the perfect spa accessories, such as our exfoliating facial brush! We’ll definitely have some essentials for your at-home spa day.

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